Lithuanian Saltibarsciai (Cold Beet Soup) (Vegetarian, GF, Low FODMAP)

Yes, I know, it sounds totally disgusting. Cold beets in a creamy liquid with cucumber and hard-boiled egg. But it is the most REFRESHING soup for the summer! Šaltibarščiai (pronounced shull-TEE-barsh-chay) are a classic Lithuanian dish and one of the most popular things to eat on a hot summer day. It is traditionally made with kefir or buttermilk, but I use non-dairy ingredients in the one I make. The recipe is flexible - some people like their Saltibarsciai thicker, some like them thinner, some like hard-boiled egg on the side, or on top, or none at all…. Some like potatoes boiled and salted, some like them fried…. So many possibilities!

The fresh herbs take this dish to the next level. You definitely want to use fresh dill… and the more herbs the better!


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