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Lithuanian Saltibarsciai (Cold Beet Soup) (Vegetarian, GF, Low FODMAP)

Yes, I know, it sounds totally disgusting. Cold beets in a creamy liquid with cucumber and hard-boiled egg. But it is the most REFRESHING soup for the summer! Šaltibarščiai (pronounced shull-TEE-barsh-chay) are a classic Lithuanian dish and one of the most popular things to eat on a hot summer day. It is traditionally made with kefir or buttermilk, but I use non-dairy ingredients in the one I make. The recipe is flexible - some people like their Lithuanian Saltibarsciai thicker, some like them thinner, some like hard-boiled egg on the side, or on top, or none at all…. Some like potatoes boiled and salted, some like them fried…. So many possibilities!

Cold Beet Soup - Lithuanian Saltibarsciai

The fresh herbs take this dish to the next level. You definitely want to use fresh dill… and the more herbs the better!



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