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Virtual 1:1
Nutrition Therapy

Individualized coaching to support your gut health so you can beat the bloat, get glowing skin & balance your hormones

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Free Discovery Call

Book a free call to learn about a natural and holistic solution to your gut & skin issues.


If you want to figure out what foods are right for your body and how to identify internal triggers by using targeted lab testing, this call is for you.


Let’s talk about how working together can finally give you the answers you’re looking for.

Here's what we'll discuss:

  • Your health history and how your symptoms might be connected to deeper imbalances

  • How a root-cause approach & targeted lab testing can help you finally feel confident

  • How we can work together so you have simple sustainable action steps to easily maintain consistently clear skin and perfect gut health

15mi Phone Consult


✔ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

✔ Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

✔ Poor Digestion, Bloating, Heartburn

✔ Stool Testing

✔ Food Sensitivities & Testing

✔ Acne

✔ Female & Male Hormone Balancing

✔ Plant-Based, Paleo, Ancestral Diets 

✔ Candida Overgrowth

✔ Eco-Conscious Diets 

My Specialties

It is possible to feel better. 

Here is my approach: the body has an inherent ability to heal. You just need to give it the right resources. I am here to help you figure out what YOUR body is asking for. We are all bio-individual creatures and have unique needs.

I practice a root-cause approach to your health issues. We start with repairing the gut and dialing in your diet.


Gut health is foundational to all systems in the body - addressing the health of the gut is essential to resolving even the most stubborn symptoms. A healthy gut will support long-term overall health.


I utilize lab testing to figure out exactly what your body is asking for. This allows us to implement a diet and healing protocol to give you exactly what you need, and remove anything that is in the way of your healing.


Fair warning: this work is not easy. For you to get results, it may require you to make a lot of changes. But the rewards will be so worth it!


I will be here to guide you, cheer you on, and provide boundless support on your journey to health!


Client Success Stories

"I’ve spent decades battling my skin and stomach issues. Within 3 months Daina fixed both of those (and countless other things) through diet and supplements."

I never would have gotten to where I am now without Daina. I’ve always thought of myself as healthy overall and never understood why I still had all of my negative symptoms. Daina listened to me, found out what was wrong, and treated me holistically. She honestly changed my life. I’ve spent decades battling my skin and stomach issues. Within 3 months Daina fixed both of those (and countless other things) through diet and supplements. I’m still amazed by that! I wake up everyday and feel grateful for my clear skin and happy stomach. And that wouldn’t be possible without Daina!


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First Step: Book an Initial Consultation & Health Assessment

A 90-minute session to dive deep into your health symptoms & solutions

You will leave this session with a plan including:

  • Dietary changes you can make right away

  • Lifestyle suggestions to make you feel better

  • Initial supplement recommendations, if applicable

  • Lab testing recommendations specific to you

  • A customized package offering to continue our work together

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