Instant Pot Vegetable Broth

The best thing to do with kitchen scraps.... make homemade vegetable broth! It will have no preservatives or hidden ingredients that can come with store-bought broths. And, it feels SO rewarding when you make something this delicious out of "garbage".

It's insanely easy to store a gallon sized freezer bag in the freezer and add to it as you collect your kitchen scraps. And my freezer is TINY - even a full bag of scraps is easy to shove in. To make the broth, I use an Instant Pot, which makes it very quick (done in about 30min!).

I collect kitchen scraps as I'm cooking - I'll have my compost bin and the freezer gallon bag nearby, sorting as needed. We compost through Scraps - I HIGHLY recommend them if you live in an apartment in Denver! FYI - if you live in a condominium or apartment building with more than seven units, you probably aren’t eligible for the city’s optional composting service.

My favorite things to put into the compost gallon bag for broth-making:

  • Onion ends

  • Herbs stems (especially parsley)

  • Carrot tops and shavings

  • Celery ends, leaves and the center part

  • Mushroom stems

  • Tiny garlic cloves (those annoying ones!)

I avoid tons of cruciferous vegetables because I have heard it could make the stock bitter. But I will add a few kale ribs or broccoli stems if they are around.

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