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A Nutrition Therapist's High-Protein Grocery List

High protein breakfast

With so much research coming out on the importance of increasing protein intake, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to high-protein foods. (Here’s a blog post I wrote about protein needs!)

But, it’s not easy to get 100g+ of protein per day.

Here is a list of staple foods to help you build a high-protein grocery list. These are foods that are in my pantry, fridge & freezer these days to help me increase protein consumption.

High-protein PANTRY foods

  • Gluten-free chickpea/lentil pasta: this is a quick carb base for meals, and I add an additional protein (like chicken or ground beef) + a salad to make it a full meal.

  • Collagen powder: with ~10g of protein per scoop, this is a great way to elevate chia seed pudding, matcha lattes, smoothies and more.

  • Canned tuna/salmon: when there’s NOTHING in the fridge for lunch, I love making a quick tuna salad. I use either Greek yogurt or avocado-oil based mayo as the base. With canned salmon, I like making salmon patties.

  • Canned wild yellowtail fish: if the usual canned fish is too much for you, canned yellowtail has a VERY mild flavor. It’s great to throw onto a salad.

  • Hemp hearts: 3 tbsp gives you 10g of protein. You can sprinkle hemp hearts on pretty much anything, or add them to a smoothie.

  • Bone broth: I freeze my bones and make my own, but there are great brands like Kettle & Fire or Thrive Market that make high-quality bone broth.

  • Canned beans: high in fiber, beans are a great protein boost. I particularly love the brand Eden Foods, because they properly prepare the beans for maximum digestibility. If you have the time to soak your own beans from dry, even better!

  • Meat sticks/bars: we’ve come a long way from Slim Jims (please don’t eat Slim Jims!). There are great brands making meat products from grass-fed animals - brands like Epic, Chomps, Wild Zora... This is a great snack to keep in your purse or backpack!

  • Protein powder: I recommend pea protein, bone-broth-based or whey (if tolerated).

High-protein REFRIGERATED foods

  • Greek yogurt:* I am really loving mixing organic Greek yogurt with some chocolate protein powder, and topping with blueberries and grain-free granola. SO good!

  • String cheese*: yes, I am hitting the string cheese these days.

  • Organic turkey deli meat: one of my favorite things to recommend to clients is ‘roll-ups’. This is like a little lettuce-wrapped burrito using turkey slices and random veggies.

  • Eggs: hard-boiled eggs are a great snack.

  • Hummus: is hummus ever a bad idea?

  • Cottage cheese:* I have been experimenting with cottage cheese pancakes, which are pretty good. I also like adding a few drops of stevia to my cottage cheese, sprinkling with cinnamon and topping with fresh fruit and nuts - not bad!

  • Organic chicken sausages: these are so easy to cook up for breakfast or really any other meal. Some good brands are Applegate and Charcutnovo.

  • Whole chicken: it’s easy to prepare, so delicious, and you can freeze the bones to make the best homemade bone broth. You can opt for bone-in chicken thighs, drumsticks or wings instead.

  • Ground turkey: super easy to make into a breakfast skillet.

  • Turkey bacon: a delicious breakfast side, or for sprinkling on top of a salad for an extra protein boost.

High-protein FROZEN foods

  • Frozen peas: peas are a great plant-based protein boost that’s easy to add to various dishes.

  • Frozen ground meat: I particularly love the Force of Nature brand because they ground in organ meat (*gasp!*). You can’t taste it at all, but you get SO many health benefits!

  • Frozen fish: salmon, ahi tuna and mahi mahi are some of my faves. I like to stock up when I find the wild-caught options on sale.

  • Base Culture Bread: I love this brand since it has very simple ingredients and no added starch. It’s not super high in protein (4g), but better than other bread options.

*Dairy is tricky for a LOT of people - if you have poor gut health, dairy is typically problematic. Often times improving gut health will help you tolerate dairy - that’s what happened to me!

And there ya have it! These are some of my staple grocery items that focus on high-protein.

Struggling with digestive issues?

  • Struggling to figure out what the right diet is for you?

  • Confused on how much protein you're supposed to eat?

  • Do you avoid certain high protein foods like beans or hummus or dairy because they give you gas and bloating?

Sounds like working on your gut health & diet would be super helpful. Let’s talk! Book a Free Discovery Call so you can figure out the next steps to make you feel better.


Want to get the exact diet I recommend for my clients? Understand how much protein to include on your plate? How to balance out carbohydrates and fats? Download the eBook "Build a Balanced Plate: Avoid Gas & Bloating" below!

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