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Better Periods: 5 Daily Detox Tips to Decrease PMS

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Ladies, question for you:

Do you experience period symptoms like PMS, cramping, anxiety, depression, moodiness, or tender breasts?

Do you get period symptoms that force you to take pain-killers or spend hours in bed?

One thing that you likely need to work on is detoxification.

Period symptoms are a sign that you might have estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is related to sluggish liver function and gut imbalances, which can cause poor detox.

Let’s do a quick intro to detox and discuss some lifestyle changes you can start with.

P.S. Juice cleanses are not the answer

When we think of “detox”, we might imagine a juice cleanse or supplement protocol that will flush out toxins… but detox is so much more!

Although periodic detoxes can be helpful in certain situations, it’s SUPER important to adopt lifelong dietary and lifestyle habits that support detoxification every single day.

So the question is: what can we do every day to fully support our detox pathways?

5 ways to support daily detox to decrease PMS

These are 5 lifestyle tips to make sure you are supporting daily detox:

  1. Daily bowel movements (at LEAST once a day!) - without a daily bowel movement, there is a potential for the toxins to be reabsorbed back into the bloodstream.

  2. Warm morning lemon water - lemon can protect liver function and prevent oxidative damage, and warm liquid is beneficial for stimulating the gastrointestinal tract.

  3. Dry brushing - dry brushing utilizes a brush to help move lymph, which helps deliver waste products to the liver and organs of elimination.

  4. Sweating - sauna and exercise are great ways to get your sweat on and increase detoxification of toxins.

  5. Gentle movement - yoga, stretching and walking are beneficial for stimulating lymph circulation.

How are you doing on these tips? Are you checking all of them off every day?

Want more details on supporting detoxification? Read the full blog post I wrote here: ​5 Easy Ways to Support Detox Every Day​.

Estrogen dominance symptoms like PMS, cramping, anxiety, depression, moodiness, or tender breasts are just ONE sign of poor detox. I end up working on detox with all my clients in my holistic nutrition practice - it’s a pattern I consistently see in their symptoms and through their lab work (through GIMAP stool testing and comprehensive blood work).

Unfortunately, lifestyle changes alone aren’t going to cut it most of the time - we need to work on your sluggish liver detoxification and gut dysbiosis. Poor gut health is a major trigger for poor detox, which leads to period symptoms.

Natural remedies for PMS

You can opt for taking supplements or making diet changes, but the only true way to decrease PMS long-term is by rebalancing the body from the inside. If you are tired of planning your life around your period, let’s chat!

You CAN have a better period:

Imagine not even knowing your period is coming.

Imagine not having to take pain-killers.

Imagine not having to change your plans, or dread that time of the month.

Let's work on your liver detoxification and gut dysbiosis!

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