Nutrition Therapy

Take control of your digestive
issues and skin health!

Take control of your health through food and lifestyle changes

If you are struggling with bloating, stomach pain, acne, fatigue, are craving a lifestyle shift, or want to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet - you are in the right place!

What is Plant-Based?

Plant-based is not necessarily vegan. Or vegetarian. It can be. But it focuses on eating mostly plants. A 100% plant-based diet can work for some people, but it requires supplementation, education and dedication!

You may not know that there are special ways to prepare plant-based foods to increase their nutrient content. Modern day vegan/vegetarian diets have forgotten these traditional preparation methods - I'm here to teach you traditional methods so you can adopt the healthiest plant-based diet!

Why Table to Crave?

Table to Crave comes from a play on “cradle to grave” – your first thought might be that I am referring to birth and end-of life. And that is definitely part of it! But "crade to grave'" is also a term used to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of the life-cycle of a product or service. Everything we eat has gone through a life-cycle - growing, harvesting, processing, shipping, consumption and disposal. Ideally, the food we eat supports our health as we journey through our own life-cycle.

Table to Crave represents considering the life-cycle of your food, being intentional about health from your cradle to grave,

and learning how to put meals on the table that YOU crave!


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Hey! I’m Daina. I am currently finishing up my certification to become a Nutrition Therapist Master. I’m here to help you take control of your health by addressing your digestive issues for good. Beat the bloat, get glowing skin and learn to love healthy food!

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