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How My Life Changed Without Acne

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If you are someone who struggles with acne, this blog post is for you!

We hear a lot about hormones being the culprit to bad skin - which they definitely can be! But if you are in your 20s or older and experience consistent acne, you want to take a long, hard look at your gut health.

Acne is what brought me to nutrition, and nutrition taught me that gut health involves a LOT more than eating lots of fiber and taking probiotics. You can be eating the perfect diet, taking tons of supplements and using expensive skin care, yet NONE of that will make a difference if you have imbalances in your gut.

If you're interested to get all the details about my skin story, read my acne journey with more photos HERE.

The Connection between Gut Health and Acne

I wrote an entire blog series about how acne is connected to the gut. Browse the topics below to see if any of the symptoms and potential causes resonate with you!

How My Life Changed Without Acne

Here are all the ways my life changed without acne. When I addressed my gut health, my skin improved more than I could have imagined:

  • Embracing the rare pimple. When a random pimple or two DO pop up, it’s a gentle reminder of how far my skin has come and that my body is talking to me… I have learned to listen - working on gut health for so long makes you SUPER in-tune with your body!

  • No longer waking up and instantly touching my face to see how severe the breakout is.

  • No longer wasting money on various “miracle” products - or natural products, or minimal products, or expensive procedures - with hopes that they will be the “final cure” to skin problems.

  • No longer wasting time on a new skin care routine or supplement protocol (“maybe THIS one will be the answer!”), but not seeing any results.

  • Not having to count the days when the breakout will be over, especially if there’s a big event coming up.

  • No need to have extra cover-up in my purse when leaving the house.

  • No need to wear make-up at all!

  • Not being paranoid that everyone is staring at my breakout when they talk to me.

  • Not having to style hair, wear a hat, or a mask (!) to hide breakouts.

  • Not having to cringe at photos of myself with a bad acne flare.

If you are feeling any of this, there IS a way to get to the root cause and heal from within. I can help you!

Take Control of Your Acne!

It is SO empowering to take health into your own hands and address the root cause of whatever is causing your imbalances. It is amazing how many of the feelings and thoughts you FORGET about once you are better!

For adult acne, often the underlying problem is a gut imbalance - even if you don’t have severe digestive issues.

Dealing with stubborn adult acne? I can help you! Let’s test your gut with Stool Testing (GI-MAP), food sensitivities (MRT), maybe even hormones (DUTCH or salivary), and work on a diet revamp to get to the root cause of your skin problems!

Book a FREE 15 min consultation with me so we can start getting to the root cause of your acne!



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